A Consumer Rights Attorney to Fight Back Against Fraudulent and Unfair Business Practices

Our consumer rights practice protects and defends people from fraudulent or unfair businesses.

Whether you need a consultation, mediation, or the filing of a civil action, we can be your advocate.

We Can Help Protect Your Legal Rights From Fraudulent and Deceitful Businesses

We can represent you in the following areas and more:

  • Assistance filing government and consumer rights complaints
  • Lemon Law Actions
  • Unfair Debt Collection
  • Contract Disputes
  • Unethical or Unfair Practices
  • Libel / Defamation Threats Regarding Business Reveiws
  • Reimbursements / Refunds / Warranty Claims
  • Predatory Business Practices
  • False Advertising
  • Tenant’s Rights
  • Civil Litigation

We Can Help You Fight Back Against Unfair and Unethical Businesses

We stand up to businesses that engage in unethical or unscrupulous practices. It’s what we believe in and it’s what we enjoy. Let us help level the playing field for you.

If you have been treated injured or harmed by unfair business practices let us help.